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Turramurra High School - Class of 1981

This site is for students who were in Year 12 at Turramurra High School in 1981, or would have been if they'd stayed until the end. So that includes all who were in Year 10 in 1979.

Missing Persons

People change addresses, phone numbers, and email addresses.

And then there are those people that we were unable to contact last time for the 20 year reunion.

Sadly, there's a large list of people we haven't been able to find.

If you know how to contact anyone on this list, please let us know.

Name and surname (at school) of missing person:

Missing person's phone:

Missing person's email:

Missing person's address:


Your name:

Your email:

To prove that you are human and not a SPAM generating computer, please type using numerals the number nineteen eighty one.



These Are The People We Haven't Been Able To Find


Kerrie Bright
Cathy Burn
Kym Campbell
Clare Candlin
Linda Catterall
Sarah Cooke
Jillian Davidson
Gaye Denny
Ginette Ennis
Laura Farrell
Jocelyn Forbes
Barbara Glasson (Foy)
Jacqueline Greatbatch (Natale)
Wendy Heath
Donna Holland
Kathryn Hume
Michelle Hutchinson
Marina Innes
Jacqueline James (Lahey)
Susan Jewel
Louise Luxton
Elizabeth Nankervis
Judith Ann Nicholson
Caroline Pass
Cecilia Perez
Linda Richardson
Claire Smith (Gray)
Linda Stacey
Kathryn Starr
Amanda Tanner
Karen Trott
Trina Withers
Cathy Young
Michael Bowles
Rod Easton
Greg Hopkins
Anthony Koedam
Greg Lance
Andrew Larson
Michael Lesnie
John Lewis
Stephen Mortin (Morton)
Michael Petersen
Rob Pickering
Anthony Price
Brett Reddick
Bill Reidy
Tim Riley
Matthew Robinson
Paul Simpson
Rajesh Singh
David Sutton
Carl Tanner
Stephen Tonkin
David Vince
Andrew Walker
Michael Walker
Matthew Wardell

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