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Turramurra High School - Class of 1981

This site is for students who were in Year 12 at Turramurra High School in 1981, or would have been if they'd stayed until the end. So that includes all who were in Year 10 in 1979.

The site was created in the days before Facebook to help ex-students stay in touch and see what everyone's doing.
Facebook has largely replaced the need for this site, and it hasn't been updated for many years. But it's still valuable as a historical record, and so it remains for now.

30 Year Reunion 2011

Photos and video from the night are available to be viewed by registered ex-students.

Next Reunion

The next reunion is likely to be the 40 Year Reunion in 2021, although planning for this event has not yet commenced.


In order to see any information about students, you will need to become a member of the site. There is no charge for this. It is just to ensure that information about students is seen only by students.

If you're an ex-student of Turramurra High School and you were in Year 10 in 1979 or Year 12 in 1981 you can register to see the web site.

Registered Ex-students enter here

Missing Persons

There's a large list of people that we haven't been able to contact.
Please , check the list. Perhaps you'll know one of them and you can help us to contact them about the planned reunion.